Commercial Licenses

We give you an introduction to our commercial license model, how it works and which may be the best choice for your commercial purpose.

In the world of commercial typography it is important to carry a license, since it allows you full access to the content of the file and in some cases additional resources (if available). In our and our business model our licenses give you special privileges depending on which one you choose.

Each type of license has a different price and they are scaled from highest to lowest, where the highest price also includes the previous ones. Below is the list of available licenses:

Common Licenses:

Standard access to the source and of greater demand for small projects and/or local advertising.

Standard version

Superior licenses


Standard License: Ready for small business, student, and smaller scale projects (including personal) – Basic access in most cases to the full character map of the file. (IMPORTANT: This license model is not valid for brands).

Web/Print/Illustration License: Ideal for design, physical/digital printing, advertising, illustration, websites, social networks, includes the additional standard license (NOT VALID FOR STREAMING).

Business License: Full commercial use, for design or use of brand, product, logo, corporate image, advertising and more includes the above licenses incluye el uso para desarrollo de apps/software para dispositivos móviles (NOTE: THIS MAY VARY DEPENDING ON YOUR END PURPOSE) (NOT VALID FOR BROADCASTING).

eSport license: Perfect for gamers / players, Streaming, commercial brand, social networks and more (Includes previous licenses) (NOT VALID FOR DIGITAL RADIO / TV).

Broadcasting license: (Updated License) Aimed at TV, Radio, Global or international broadcast companies, (corporate brand/trademark etc.) Streaming sports teams etc. (Includes all previous licenses).

Server License: Superior domain license that includes all the previous licenses and also the access to use RPG, Multiplayer and similar games. also for mass commercial software use/design.



Licenses are subject to Terms of Policy and Privacy, choosing the right license depends on your business purpose, which must be used exclusively for that purpose, business licenses or higher include a business certification (sent as a PDF file along with the sales invoice) which will give you the guarantee and security that it has the right and permission required for its use, the smallest licenses can include it optionally or at the request of the client/buyer.

All our licenses and/or files are delivered immediately by sending an email (it can vary between 1 and 15 minutes, delivery time). (The mail will be sent to the mail registered in the paypal account or credit card used for the purchase), You can request delivery to alternative mail if you wish.

higher business licenses in your certification file contain a personalized sales ID, which you can submit at any time to request file resubmission, invoice, or certification in case of loss.

If in any case this information is not enough, not understandable, you have problems with a purchase, file or simply have questions, you can request help by activating the “Facebook Messenger” button located in the lower left corner of the website, to be attended by someone of our work team.


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