Commercial Licenses

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A commercial license will allow you to use a font depending on the needs that your project requires, so it is essential to know which one to choose.

Standard License.
Recommended for college, personalization projects, and medium quality prints (Fair) contains the print profile for this type of resolution. (Its appearance cannot be modified), (Non-Commercial).

Web, Print and Illustration package.
Special and recommended for graphic, web and similar designers, it contains high quality print profiles. Ideal to be used in web banner advertising, social networks and also for physical printing (Not on a large scale), (Commercial), (Its appearance can NOT be modified).

Business License.
This is a license for brands, businesses and bands. It contains the previous profiles and also allows to modify the appearance of the source depending on the final need and is commercial for all kinds of purposes EXCEPT for Broadcasting.

Broadcasting License.
This is the largest license provided by LJDS. It is used for companies, projects of massive diffusion like; television, series, movies, channels and streaming platforms (YouTube, and similar), mass printing, international or global brand, allows you to modify, adapt the source according to the project, to learn more we recommend contacting our team.

Benefits when buying a business license.

• You obtain a certification that accredits you as the owner of the purchased font.
• Backup in the cloud.
• Commercial use.
• Technical support.
• Updates.
• Discounts for future purchases.


Updated 2021-02-20 11:23