Commercial Licenses

Learn about our commercial license model, and which one to choose for your project. In the world of commercial typography it is important to carry a license, as it allows you full access to the content of the file and in some cases additional resources (if available). In our business model, licenses give you special privileges depending on which one you choose.

Each type of license has a different price and is scaled from highest to lowest, where the highest price also includes the features of the previous licenses.

🔵 Standard license:

For personal use, small projects, students/university and similar. It does not apply to companies, brands, large scale and/or quantity printing.

🟠 Web/Print/Illustration:

For massive and large scale printing, digital/physical, social media, web design, illustrators, music covers, print advertising and similar. (Does not apply to trademark)

🟢 Business:

For business, trademark, logo, corporate identity, final product, advertising, mass media, social networks and much more (Includes previous licenses)

🟣 Broadcasting/Server:

Applies to businesses, broadcasters, large commercial brands, streamers, eSports teams, professional gamers, application/software development, servers and much more. (Includes previous licenses)



The licenses are subject to Terms and Privacy Policy, the choice will depend on the buyer’s commercial purpose, Business or higher type licenses include a commercial certification (sent as a PDF file along with the sales invoice) that will give you the guarantee and assurance that you have the right and permission required for its use, smaller licenses may include this documentation optionally and can be requested according to the instructions sent to the buyer’s email.

Orders and/or files are delivered by email (delivery time may vary between 1 and 15 minutes). (the order is sent to the email registered in Paypal, make sure you have access), you can also request delivery to an alternative email if you wish.

The commercial certification delivered (PDF file) for business licenses or higher contains a sale ID (custom code) that works as another recovery ID for your product. This document is delivered along with an invoice in a secondary email which, if not is received after 30 minutes, it can be requested in the store chat or through the sales email that sent your order.

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Updated 2024-06-29 09:57