Privacy Policy

The privacy policy will have changes soon.

In order to clarify the end-use agreement by customers and LJDS in the information treaty, commercial products, we invite you to read our final agreement and data treatment policy.

Data treatment.

LJDS Ltd. handles its customers’ data prudently, where advertising marketing, tracking and similar factors are limited to keep our customers’ privacy discreet and avoid inconvenience on final browsing platforms. After purchases, inquiries or support, we maintain the contact information by default to improve the communication experience in case you require information, support or recovery of material.

We carry out marketing campaigns via email, selectively, which treats recipients with specific information such as:

  • Updates/Support for purchased fonts.
  • Discounts or gifts for business purchases.
  • Contact information to improve experience.

If at any time you have received marketing emails where you receive information about promotions, resale or any other type of marketing if you have purchased or requested information on our channels, then you may be a victim of fraud or spam.

We do not sell, copy or share our customers’ information with partners or third parties.


When visiting the notice of use of cookies is not warned since we do not use analysis or collection data for special purposes, we clarify that cookies are active by default using: your IP address, version of your device, with the In order to provide you with a better experience in: automatic language selection and other actions available on the website.


In advance we thank all our clients as individuals, companies and small businesses that have been part of our family, thanks to them LJ Design Studios advances and continues to create new artistic ideas for everyone.

IMPORTANT: Before making a purchase, please have to find that your order is sent immediately, therefore we will no longer have a way to check if a refund is really necessary since we cannot ensure that the source is no longer in your hands , purchased digital resources.

After payment, the product automatically becomes commercial in your hands.

Purchasing system: due to conditions, policies and monopolies in our country of origin, LJ Design Studios at the moment can only sell through Paypal at for alternate payment options you can visit meanwhile we continue working for new payment options.

Purchase agreements: After an approved purchase our client receives in his email the notification of his order where it is included: purchase details such as value, discount (if he applied a coupon), details of the purchased product and finally a download link personalized. These data are sent almost instantaneously, therefore you must take into account that they are sent to the email account associated with the Paypal account used in the purchase.

Refund: With the above, the client’s commitment and us make it clear that to issue a refund, the following information must be validly complied with:

A refund is issued: if it is found what: the purchase mail did not arrive after 5 days to your account.

If it is found that the source file was not the one requested (A tax study must be done).

Refunds are not issued after 10 days of purchase because we cannot verify the total elimination of the use of the downloaded file since in final terms this could mean a crime on the part of the buyer.

In the event of a purchase not authorized by your company, employers or financial institution, the validation of a refund can be obtained after a detailed study.

Detailed legal conditions

LJ Design Studios Ltd. as a company / commercial business legally constituted under the name MARQUETERÍA LA 14 in the Republic of Colombia, is committed to the obligations of tax rendering, annexes of taxes and exchange rates established nationally and abroad, payment is payroll to its group of employees, assistants and work team under contracting periods of production, contribution, collaboration or contribution to commercial projects, for profit or not for profit, thus validating and complying with the rights and requirements of the of the obligation to the client, consumer, subscriber after the due approval of use of the intellectual property of LJ Design Studios Ltd. In which, agreements with national electronic commerce or outside the Colombian regime, makes the validation of claims, cancellation or disapproval of cases that inflict the commitment or final policy and privacy agreement that is publicly displayed in the domain which only apply in the opposite way as long as the statements in the legal document are complied with, which was agreed with the Colombian state, important clients and therefore LJ Design Studios Ltd, in order to clarify doubts or conditions purchase or pre-purchase.

After tax analysis, consulting about the rights and protection of respect for intellectual property available for sale for clients, companies, merchants, among others, it is agreed that, after the term established in our public privacy policy, they cannot be refunded, Copy if payments of products consulted, returns for discounts or affiliates, nor the claim to external sales not related to our official stores (The solution of extreme problems to must be arranged only with the store, site and affiliated establishment, since are directly responsible)

Reasons: [community of merchants]: after a digital purchase that exceeds 10 maximum 13 and 15 days after approval, it is quoted that the buyer has already made commercial use of the digital products purchased, therefore a claim to replace , non applicable.

Applications: [In legal agreement and profit purposes] you can: offer a different product to the buyer’s selection (only within which will be delivered by LJ Design Studios totally free and with authorization for commercial use (if the requirements are met and after validating the situation).

The discount of up to 50% of a future purchase.

The execution on failure of a refund can only be applied under the following terms:

If it is within 5 days after purchase, or it is found to be an error or violation, you received an incorrect, different or unwanted product, if after purchase you did not receive the product.

To buy supposedly unauthorized, made without authorization of the owner / manager or owner, the following is required: the information of the bank / debit / credit card provider with details such as: business reason, legal advisor, contact telephone number plus country code to carry out the investigation legal together with our financial team and clarify the reason for the unauthorized purchase by the owner of the account / credit / debit card and make the corresponding demand (in favor of the buyer).

If the purchase was made by an employee who belongs to your company, business or commercial regime, creativity agency, it is required: legal information of commercial reason registered in your state, authorized commercial representative and registered under the company name with: contact number phone, email, required: contact information of the employee / assistant / staff who made the unauthorized purchase with date of purchase. Official data of the legal representative / manager / owner of the company / business / commercial regime.

Within this item, ANOTHER TYPE OF CLAIM IS NOT VALID SINCE AN UNAUTHORIZED PURCHASE IS NOT POSSIBLE under the conditions of a group of employees / work team.

Discount coupons:

The maximum discount, say the coupon will always be 30%, they are available on our website as pop-up messages, they apply for any purchase on the site, they are reusable (as long as they continue to circulate on the website as a message) the expiration date is 15 to 35 days.

If the lion is expired, you can request the repair on any of our social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, the coupons apply only within the website, they do not apply to reseller stores.

LJ Design Studios Commitment.

We work daily on new commercial projects using the best ideas and building new creative alternatives where, thanks to the purchases of our clients, we give the opportunity to new affiliated talents to offer their products to our wide number of clients.

In the same way, we contribute with allies in non-profit programs for the production of free digital content in sources and illustrations of other designers, contributing ideas, resources and republication purposes.

Conditions for generated proposals intended for clients.

Creativity is a development factor in ideas, which require time and planning, that is why we take this issue very seriously for the intellectual protection of the team of designers, therefore it is very common to find ideas not approved by clients published in another type of projects, with the sole objective of returning the investment made by the designer, turning the rejection into sales material in our store.

We publicly and strictly notify that: ideas presented to clients which have been rejected will have the possibility of being used for LJ Design Studios’ own projects as material for new products in the store, and through this statement we clarify to clients what; Any claim will be totally rejected because the applicant does not own the intellectual rights to said material. Where we also clarify that the client accepts the conditions of this modality when contracting the design service.


Created: 2018-03-14
Updated: 2023-10-30