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“Since 2014, and always, I had this dream of being able to capture my creative ideas in a digital alphabet so that a story could be observed in each letter, each symbol, each score.”

We are a team of designers located in different areas of Colombia, from which we have collected ideas to create new concepts of art and translate them into a typography, for this reason we find in LJ Design Studios several types of concepts in alphabets that are inspired by an art , culture, gender or lifestyle.

Over the years, important members have joined who have made this dream a possible, visible and preferential project for those looking for a different touch of art, LJ Design Studios has the collaboration of designers such as; Juan Navarro, Jorge Pérez, who helped Luis Jaramillo with their typography ideas with the expansion in types of typeface families to offer our large clients, so much so that it is worth highlighting the specialty of each one.

Luis Jaramillo, is a Graphic Designer, musician and Expert in digital – traditional typography, he is the founder of LJDS Project and focuses his style on music (Mainly Metalcore), Rock, Power metal, Deathcore among others similar and they are directed in the first place to rock music bands, all their genres and subgenres.

Juan Navarro is a graphic designer, illustrator and expert in brand design, his typographic art is inspired by traditional indigenous culture, and pays tribute to the Afro-descendant lifestyle, his fonts are engraved with strokes and textures that express the youthful urban style , much like a modern (Futuristic) culture, collecting indigenous patterns and bringing them to a very efficient modern aesthetic level.

Jorge Pérez, is a Graphic Designer, Artist, Draftsman and Illustrator, which goes very hand in hand with the art expressed by Luis Jaramillo, but in a more open way, he is one of the main collaborators for team projects in LJDS.6