Milak font

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Milak Font!

With pen and pen strokes, Farid Montes, was born the idea of ​​creativity of Plasmar calligraphy a digital font, were you looking for something free, custom strokes adaptable to virtually any concept or piece of design? Milak Font is a typography ready to be part of any creative art, composition or advertising piece.

His strokes express a love for the freedom of ingenuity, kind with the leaves and above all! Even the boys will love it.
Ideal for titles, and even for custom style parts to give unusual touches but super attractive…

You still don’t dare? – Milak Font is ready to be used for both men / boys, women / girls it is not necessary to repeat that its concept is adaptable with any environment.

Compatibility Availability:

Mac OS
And more…

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Business: $90.00

Broadcasting: $260.00

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