Izquierda font

Standard version: $40.00 $30.00

2024  1.100 Updated versión:

  • Glyph Correction
  • New features like; Stylistic alternatives in some glyphs
  • Kerning corrected

Left font receives an update, with an improved aesthetic and new functions such as Stylistic alternates in some of its glyphs, making it even more brutal than its previous version.
A perfect style for designing logos for heavy metal bands, metalcore and others. It offers an aggressive aesthetic for the proposals already mentioned.

Other licenses:

Web/Print Illustration: $70.00
Business: $260.00
Broadcasting/Server: 390.00



Old version:

Srandard version: $40.00 $30.00

Izquierda font is a brutal source for its horns, is the dark side of the author who does this work with his Izquierda hand.
Find something for Heavy Metal or any heavy metal genre, but with formal or modern presentation? Izquierda is a good option.

Other licenses:

Web/Print/Illustration: $60.00
Business: $260.00
Broadcasting: $590.00 $390.00


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