Black Nemesis font

Standard version: $50.00 $30.00

Black Nemesis font is a typography created in LJ Design Studios, ldea is compiled from several typographic projects already created in LJ Design Studios, it is a very dynamic style that is based on tracings without very sharp curves but very aggressive especially on its tips, it has some technology art but at the same time some heavy metal, and when we moncion heavy metal we thought about creating a version that was not planned, is the grunge version.

We believe that the idea can be coupled with many of your creations for its design and style that is not common among many identical typographies such as cursive and brushes of hehehehe always.

Other licenses:

Web/Print/Illustration: $70.00 $50.00
Business: $260.00 $190.00
Broadcasting/Server: $590.00 $390.00


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