Commercial licenses

We give you the introduction to our commercial licenses, how they work and which may be the best option for your business purpose.

In the world of commercial typography it is important to carry a license, as it allows you full access to the content of the file and in some cases additional resources (if available). In our business model our licenses grant you special privileges depending on which one you choose.

Each type of license has a different price and is scaled from highest to lowest, where the highest price also includes the benefits of the previous prices. Below is the list of available licenses:
Standard License: Ready for small business, students, and smaller scale projects (including personal) - Basic access in most cases to the full character map of the file. (IMPORTANT: This license model is not valid for brands.
Web/Print/Illustration License: Ideal for design, physical printing, advertising, illustration, websites, social networks, large or small scale, includes additional standard license (NOT VALID FOR STREAMING)
Business License: Full commercial use, for design or use of brand, product, logo, corporate image, advertising and more. Includes the above licenses, too: use for mobile software/app development. (IMPORTANT: THIS MAY VARY DEPENDING ON YOUR PURPOSE) (NOT VALID FOR TRANSMISSION).
eSport License: Perfect for pro Gamers/Players, Streaming, commercial brand, big social network accounts, and similar purposes (Includddes prevvious licensses) (NOT VALIT FOR DIGITAL RADIO / TV).
Broadcasting License: (Updated License): Aimed at TV, Radio companies, with national, international, or global transmission (corporate brand/commercial brand, etc.) Streaming of sports teams, celebrity pro influencers and similar mass purposes. (INCLUDES ALL PREVIOUS LICENSES).
Server Lcense: Higher domain license, which includes all the above licenses and also access to use for the development/design of RPG, Multiplayer and similar digital games. Also valid for the development of massive commercial software/apps.
  • All licenses include assistance and additional technical support if necessary.
  • Business licenses onwards include assistance from a graphic designer completely free of charge if you require help with branding/product design.
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